The Things We Know


Recently I was coaching a client whom I had previously given a short assignment that included a visioning exercise. While talking about it during our next session my client expressed to me that part of it wasn’t really anything she was actively “visioning”, or “imagining”, she said, but rather it was just something she had “always known”….She related picturing herself as “40-something” (and she is not yet 40), independent, and “successfully running something, like a company.”

This triggered a few memories of my own of conversations with a close friend about “things we’ve always known.”

The conversation I remember is one in which my friend told me that she’d “always known” that she would have her own ‘single girl’ apartment “one day”…and yet,  she was married. But even while she was married she had a “knowing” about this, she literally “saw herself” living as an independent single woman, in her own beautiful apartment.

And yes, that is exactly where she now is, and I would add to that description that she is successful, empowered, and incredibly happy.

Personally I can say the same thing, that I have held a vision of certain things in my own life for years and years. I like to call them “background visions”…because even though these were things that I saw, I admit I didn’t pay a lot of attention to them most of the time. I realize now that I had a very certain and absolute knowing about them, which is much easier to recognize now that they are beginning to materialize.

I believe that the dreams we have for ourselves begin to manifest when we:

  1. Pay Attention

  2. Give them the weight they deserve

  3. Open up to them

  4. Realize that those dreams (or visions or ‘knowings’) are an authentic and integral part of who we really are (as opposed to who everyone else has tried to convince us to become).

What vision do you hold of yourself?

How would it impact your life if you viewed it as something you knew for sure, instead of some wallpaper hanging in the background of your mind?

What do you feel (not what do you think) when you open yourself up to the possibility of that vision becoming reality?

How would your perception of yourself change if you were brave enough to be authentic?

None of us know the whole truth about what the future holds, but we have the ability to know far more than we usually give our self permission to grasp, if we’ll just be open, and pay attention to what we really know.

Here’s to seeing how bright your future really is,



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