This Present Moment

We are two weeks into 2012, and I have been thinking about how we tend to look forward to each new year–making plans and wondering what the new year will bring.

And yet, for all of our gazing into the future and desiring to create new plans for a new year, the Present Moment is all we really ever have.

Have you ever thought about that? That all we really have is right now?

The present moment is the only thing that is truly “real”.

All of our past experiences are so valuable if we allow them to be learning experiences, and all of our plans for the future are truly valuable when we make those plans with intention and wisdom.

Yet, the only thing we ever really have is right here, right now, and yet so often our thoughts have nothing to do with the present moment and everything to do with the past or the future.

The fears and worries that plague us by holding us back and preventing us from making progress are often, if not always, attached to the past or to the future, and often to both.

We have all had an unpleasant experience (in the past) and allowed that memory to form an assumption that if given similar circumstances it will happen again.

It is an empowering thing to realize that just because something happened in the past, does not mean it will happen again. Bringing ourselves back to the NOW can be a big step in that direction.

A powerful tool for bringing oneself back into the present moment is to become aware of the five senses.

What does the temperature in the room feel like?

What do the clothes you are wearing feel like on your body, on your skin?

If you are eating or drinking, fully focus on the taste, feel, and smell of the food or drink.

What sounds can you hear right now, where you are?

What can you smell?

What colors do you notice in your present location?

All of these queries bring you back to NOW.  All of these senses are being felt by you NOW, in the present moment.

And in this present moment our fears have no power.

Here’s to a year full of awesome moments!  Each one, perfect.

Love & Magic,


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