Time to Let Go

Recently, I attended a private mastermind group at the home of John Assaraf.  The whole event was incredible….and as usual, in any event where there is SO MUCH amazing transcendent thought going on, I was especially affected by ONE statement during the day.  The statement was made by Alexis Neely (THANK YOU, Alexis) and it was simply this…”Before every big shift there is a big ‘letting go’.”

WOW.  That one sentence hit me like a ton of bricks.  I needed that SO much. And that is exactly what I am doing this week.   Letting go.

Letting go of some significant things….

I have lived in the same city for over 20 years…and it is time for me to let go, and move on.

I have some relationships in my life that have been supportive, exciting, sweet,  AND they are no longer serving me,  so it’s time to let go.

I have accumulated many ‘things’ that have significance, weight, and fond memories attached to them….AND it is time to let go of them. (Tag sale!!)

I’m reminded of something my colleague and mentor, Morgana Rae, said to me: “Things work until they don’t anymore, and that’s a sign to move on.”

Why am I so determined to let go?  Because what was once good is no longer good enough.  Because sometimes in order to have something more, something different, something better,  we need to make space for it.

I am ready to realize a bigger vision. I am ready to create something fresh, something powerful, something real.  I am ready to experience a BIG SHIFT.

Are you ready for a significant move forward?  Are you ready to make a Big Shift in your life?

What are you ready to let go of??


Here’s to letting go, and to letting it be easy.


Love & Magic,



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8 Responses to Time to Let Go

  1. Pat says:

    Way to go, Cindie. Thanks for the reminder about the power of letting go.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for reading, Pat. Sometimes we hold on so tightly to things that don’t serve us and letting go can be SO powerful!!

  2. Amy says:

    I am letting go of trying to become a teacher and going forward with becoming a lisc. regis. vet tech because I want to give future pet owners second chances of enjoying life with their pet, like Veterinarians have give me and Stellar.

    I am with you 100% Cindie! Congrats to you and all you have accomplished! Love you!

  3. Cindie,

    You’re spot on!
    You GO girl!
    I’m holding the space for your Big Shift…….even if it doesn’t bring you to the Bay Area.


  4. Conrad Green says:

    I have recently opened the door to the potentials of zero resistance and applied the concept to the dollar sign. We waste SO much time enveloped in the simple idea of money that it takes away from our true meaning and purpose. I have begun to see the fluidity of interactions between myself and those around me. The true nature of wants and desires. Everyone have a fantastic month of May! Thanks Cindie for the post.

    • admin says:

      We can apply non-resistance to anything and everything and when we do it is amazing the flow that happens. The path of least resistance is evident everywhere in nature.

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