True Love?

This morning one of my friends on Facebook posted a status that read:  “my hat’s off today to all my friends on here who have found true love. So rare, so special, sometimes so elusive.”

This echoes one of the questions I get asked most frequently on my blog….”Is there really such a thing as true love, or is it just a fairytale?”

I suppose most people love a happy ending and a sparkly fairytale life.  Yet, almost everyone realizes at some point that real life often falls short of both.  In fact….in many people’s experience real life just pretty much sucks.

So, I want to try to give you a new perspective on real life, true love, and all of the other sparkly fairytale rockstar stuff you wish you could have but don’t believe is out there for you.

You can walk up to most anyone on the street and tell them that there is no such thing as true love and I think a lot of them would agree with you.  That’s because they are in a relationship that isn’t working.  Just ask Maria Shriver.  Or the late Princess Di…talk about a fairytale gone wrong.

And in the same way you can find so many people that really hate their jobs.  Just start complaining about your boss or your work schedule when you are in line at the grocery store and see how many people chime in and join you.

But would you agree with me if I told you that no one ever likes their career?  Of course you wouldn’t, because we all know people that LOVE what they do.  Those are the people that had the courage to MOVE ON from jobs they hated, from bosses that didn’t respect them, from career paths that just didn’t feel right (even when everyone thought they were crazy).

It takes the same kind of courage to find true love. Why? Because you have to be willing to say NO to what you don’t want.  You have to be willing to say NO to relationships that aren’t working.  You have to be willing to get clear on what you DO want and then be open to finding it.

The reason why true love seems rare is because there are so many people that are tolerating less. Is it really rare? I say no. Is it really special…absolutely.  Is it sometimes elusive? Sometimes….but then again anything can seem elusive to those that aren’t truly expecting to find what they’re looking for.

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Love & Magic,



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