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Answering a Reader’s “burning question”….


“How can I trust again after being blindsided by someone I loved and who I thought loved me?”

Ouch! Being blindsided is never a fun experience, especially when it involves someone you love.

This is an important question, because Trust is imperative in a great relationship. In fact, the ability to trust and to feel safe with someone is part of having great chemistry with someone, and great chemistry makes a great relationship.

So, I know you want a great relationship, and I’m sure that when you think of that perfect, wonderful, loving relationship you are imagining experiencing love with someone you can fully trust.

And here is the clincher (and the secret to trusting again)…first you have to trust yourself.

Spending time in silence, paying attention to your feelings and emotions, spending a little more time in your body and a little less time in your head, and really cultivating a relationship with yourself will all take you a long way in the direction of knowing, and trusting, yourself.

Once you fully trust yourself you’ll automatically begin trusting others, when they are trustworthy. If you find yourself having a hard time trusting someone, you need to trust yourself! There is probably a very good reason why you don’t find it easy to trust them. Pay attention to that sense you have. Spend some time with yourself, just being quiet, and ask yourself why you don’t trust them. Listen to what your body has to say, pay attention to your inner wisdom. Trust yourself.

The second important factor here is that you also need to be trustworthy. Are you honest in how you show up (authentically) and in how you relate to others? A trusting relationship requires two people who both trust each other.

And lastly, remember that you need to have all 7 ingredients of great chemistry to have a great relationship. You can find them all here.

Love & Magic,


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