Who’s the Star?

Who’s the Star?

This past week I’ve been super busy…and it’s been awesome!

And almost every client I’ve coached this week has had a similar situation with their calendar…super busy!

One noticeable similarity in almost all of these sessions was this: most of their occupation and time spent was on someone other than themselves.

Yes, we often can easily fall into this trap if we’re not careful, especially those of us who are in caring professions, or just like to help others.

So, here is my tip for you this week…..I like to often look at life as if it were a movie or a book. So let’s do that now and I’m going to ask you a very powerful question.

 If your life was a movie, would you have the starring role?

Or would you be a co-star?

Or would you be an extra? (ouch!)

In all the events you’ve experienced, ask yourself whether you were center stage or in the background anonymously.  Do you exist in the lead of an epic plot, or does your life read more like a sight-seeing journal?

My reminder for you this week is that YOU get to write the script for your life. It is YOUR LIFE.

Something else that is helpful, I also make an intention to take very good care of myself during these super busy weeks…for me that means yoga, extra protein, not skipping out on my meditation practice, and taking time out to write and play music and express my ideas with artwork.

I’ve been doing that even in the midst of all of this current busy-ness….my songwriting partner and I have been cranking out some great music, and I’ve made a beautiful painting for a close friend’s birthday present.

And even though it seems like putting these creative endeavors into the calendar would make it even more crowded, it never feels that way.

When your needs are met, you take on a different behavior, and what may seem like an expenditure when your own needs aren’t met, suddenly becomes donation of wealth.

Expressing my creativity in these ways always leaves me feeling refreshed, and recharged, and ensures that I am the star of my own life….not a co-star, not an extra.

What are you doing this week to take care of yourself?

What changes can you make today that will put you back in the starring role of your life?

Here’s to you being a star!

Love & Magic,


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4 Responses to Who’s the Star?

  1. terri beaucoudray says:

    Learning this concept made a huge change in the way I planned my life.

    • admin says:

      So glad to hear that, Terri. Sometimes we just have to become aware enough to be conscious in the life we plan. Love that you truly get that!

  2. Pete says:

    That was awesome Cindi. Thanks for sharing an inspiring blog, which I feel in harmony with the universe inspiring me to greatness, a reminder, a nudge, you are fabuloso good!

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