Why You MUST Be Willing to Have a Difficult Conversation

How do you feel about having a difficult conversation?

You might feel like running and jumping off a cliff just reading that question.

Very few people enjoy the thought of being involved in a difficult discussion.  Here is why you MUST be willing to have difficult conversations: Your success depends on it.  So, let’s talk about that conversation you’ve been avoiding.

I admit it does seem a hell of a lot easier to just avoid the damn thing most of the time.

However, here is why you don’t want to avoid it; because if you are avoiding it that probably means you are tolerating something. When we tolerate anything it causes stress.

I want to address something here…niceness.  Specifically, injudicious niceness.  One of my favorite quotes is, “injudicious niceness is a socialized disease.” What does that mean exactly?  It means that we are brought up to “be nice.”  To everyone.  Always. And that just doesn’t make sense.  Niceness just isn’t always appropriate.

Most often, thinking (or believing) that we should be nice all of the time is what keeps us from being willing to have a difficult conversation.

If having a difficult conversation is necessary to your success (from being a successful parent to having a successful marriage or relationship, or being successful in your career, etc.) and you believing that you have to avoid those conversations because it’s more important to be nice, then you are making a choice between being nice and being successful.  Isn’t that silly?

I want to help you. This post begins a 5-part series on Conscious Communication. This series will contain insight and practical tips to help you communicate in a deeper, more conscious, and more productive way.  Being able to do this will lead to more wins and less stress!

Today in Part One we’ve addressed the topic of difficult conversations and why you must be willing to have them.

In Part II, we’ll continue with why you must be willing to be authentic, and where to begin.

For now, just take the small step of willingness.  Be willing to entertain the idea that with the right tools you could easily have that conversation you’ve been avoiding.

Until next time…

Love & Magic,



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    Great post. Looking forward to the next one.

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