Your Own Personal Treasure Map


In last week’s post I shared a little about how my broken heart held a huge treasure for me.

All those feelings. They are so hard to experience sometimes. Hurt, anger, frustration, depression, anxiety, sadness, confusion, hopelessness…pain. Painful.

And those are exactly the feelings that we sometimes push down, ignore, make light of, excuse, and even lie about (“I’m fine.”)

Sometimes we even feel guilty about experiencing those feelings, as if we are supposed to go through life never having an uncomfortable feeling. Like some kind of automaton that always has the “right” (sweet) response, the “right” (nice) reaction, the perfect answer for every question.

And that is NOT the way we are wired. Your feelings are a miracle.  ALL of them.

I may begin to sound a bit like a broken record, repeating this over and over, and that’s okay, maybe it can be a mantra of sorts. “My feelings are a miracle. My feelings are a miracle. My feelings are a miracle.”  A MIRACLE!!

Why? Because your feelings are guiding you to your own slice of heaven. Your own sense of divinity. Your own personal connection with The Universe, G-d, Your higher self, Your wiser self.

Your feelings are your road map to your highest life experience.  Your great work.  Your best relationships.  Your soulmate.  Your biggest and most excellent creative expressions. Your key to experiencing love & magic, on a daily basis.

Have you ever found yourself driving somewhere and feeling a little uncertain of how to get there, and yet didn’t want to take the time to open the map, or ask for directions? Too much of a hassle. And what if the map is not correct, what if the person I ask doesn’t know the way and then I’ve wasted time. Excuses, excuses.

And yet… we make the same error when we don’t allow ourselves to feel, or we don’t trust our feelings, or we decide that our feelings are not valid. Maybe you don’t want to come off as a drama queen. Or behave childishly. After all, you want to act like a grown up. I get it. And I’m not going to give you a pass for an inappropriate display of emotion. <grin>

I am telling you that your feelings are valid. They are necessary. They are useful. They’re a miracle.

I want to challenge you today to recognize what you are feeling. Start small, just get a sense of how something (anything!) affects you in your body, and in your heart.

Getting in touch with your feelings, recognizing them, cherishing them, and learning how to express them appropriately is the most important way you can be true to yourself. And when you are true to yourself first everything gets better. It takes courage, a bit of bravery, and the right tools and support help, too.

Are you ready to be true to yourself?

Are you ready to get the support you want?

Are you ready to learn tools that will make trusting yourself and living with your heart open much easier?

If you’re ready to find the map to your own personal sweet spot of life…check this out.

Until soon…

Love & Magic,





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