As a Core Energy Coach one of the things I do constantly is identify energy levels.  There are seven levels of energy that span the spectrum from the very lowest level, marked by the presence of apathy, to the highest level, which manifests emotionally as absolute passion.
Most of us are very familiar with the lower levels, as they are the most predominant levels in the world today.  The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELIA) is a tool that measures consciousness, and identifies which levels of energy are showing up in one’s life and in what measure.  The lowest level of energy that is measured is labeled “Level 1 Energy”, or “EL1” in this model.  Level 1 Energy is also referred to as “Victim” energy.  Why? Because someone who is a victim is someone who is completely at effect in their life, as opposed to being at cause. Picture a time when you felt that something was “happening to you” that was totally beyond your control and the whole situation seemed hopeless, that is Victim Energy, and we’ve all been there at one time or another.  It is a level of energy that is completely draining, hence the eventual apathy that results from experiencing this energy level for an extended time.  Victim Energy is catabolic, or destructive energy.
And, although many of us go through life with enough motivation and interest to exclude us from the label “Apathetic”, most of us have at one time or another experienced another hallmark of Level 1 energy: Avoidance.   Recently someone asked me about the difference between procrastination and avoidance, and I told them that procrastination and avoidance are really one and the same.  Avoidance is when we choose not to take action, not to deal with a given situation, procrastination is when we tell our self we will deal with it later.  In either case, we are not dealing with the thing.

Which brings me to my topic, acceptance.
Does accepting a situation mean we are okay with it?  Of course not, but until we accept it for what it is we can’t move forward to change anything.  First we accept the situation, then we accept responsibility.  A person experiencing Victim Energy will consistently refuse to take responsibility, hence the hallmark of Victim Energy, avoidance. To quote Joseph Luciani, “To accept responsibility is synonymous with accepting life.  Only children – and adults who act like children – are shielded from responsibility.”  Until we accept a thing for what it is we are either in denial of it (with avoidance coming naturally and without effort at that point) or we are, like all victims, expecting someone else to take responsibility.
Choosing to take responsibility is NOT accepting blame or acknowledging fault.  Blame is another expression of catabolic energy, while responsibility is the beginning of anabolic energy.  And anabolic energy is the beginning of a fulfilling, satisfying life that flows easily and effortlessly.

Here’s to letting it be easy,


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