Comfort & Joy

Happy New Year Beautiful Soul!

Each year I choose a “theme”, generally my theme is just a word or two that evoke the things and feelings I’d like to experience in the new year.

This year, as I pondered what my theme for 2015 would be, the words “Comfort & Joy” popped into my head…and then (after a bit of resistance) into my heart.

Resist as I may, those words seemed to be following me around.  I just kept seeing them EVERYWHERE…and then, as I opened up a brand new Veranda magazine (OMG I’m a little obsessed with Veranda) to create a quick collage for the new year, what did I see on the page I opened to? Yes, the words COMFORT & JOY.  LOL.

“Okay!, Okay!, I get it” I said aloud, “Comfort & Joy it is.”

And, I do think the Universe is having a bit of fun with me, a Jewish girl, by giving me a theme with words from a Christmas song, LOL.

However, the more I think about it, the more I recognize that Comfort & Joy really are at the root of most of our desires, yes? The things we long for, the things we reach for, search for, hope for…are usually really just strategies that we think will make us more comfortable, or bring us the feeling of joy, the feeling of happiness.

So, this year, Sweet Soul, I’ll be doing my best to bring you tidings of comfort and joy all year long.  And of course the Love & Magic never ends around here. 🙂

I’m planning a year full of goodness for you, (and because it brings me joy, that will include lots of gifts and prizes and prezzies for you!)

Here’s my first gift for you…a little bitty worksheet to plan your own theme for 2015.

I’d love to know what theme you’ve chosen! Come share with us over in the Love & Magic Salon, or leave a comment below.

Sending you so much love as we start this new year!

Love & Magic (and tidings of Comfort & Joy),


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