3 Steps to Conscious Creation, Step II: Leaving Victimland

person-769804_1280In the first installment of “3 Steps to Conscious Creation” I introduced the concept of “Radical Responsibility” – in which we choose the viewpoint that we are responsible for our own life experience, the beautiful, the terrible and everything in-between. If you get queasy thinking about this remember that I’m only asking you to choose this viewpoint. Act as if you believe it. Pretend, if that helps. Try it on.

And if you haven’t read Part 1 of this series yet, please do so before continuing on with this section.

In order to take a step forward we need to be either motivated or inspired. Things we don’t want to experience are great motivators to get us into motion, but once we are inspired to reach new heights – that’s when our action gets turbo-charged. Tony Robbins was once asked “What motivates you?”, his answer – “I don’t need motivation, my vision is so big that it pulls me in the direction I want to go.”

For you to create what you want with the greatest ease possible your “why” needs to be out in front of you…something you are reaching for, something you can see clearly, a success or a goal you can feel viscerally. You want your vision to be pulling you forward. You don’t want your “why” to be behind you, chasing you, a big scary thing that has you running away from it with all the speed you can muster. This type of motivation is a powerful monster that will eat you up and ruin your enjoyment of the journey to success (even if you do get there eventually).

Divorcing Victimhood and Embracing Radical Responsibility will have an effect on motive and motivation, namely replacing motive with vision and thereby trading motivation in for inspiration.

Now that we’ve chosen Radical Responsibility, and we’ve gotten inspired by our vision of what we want to create, we are ready to move on to Step 2.

Our first act of Radical Responsibility is to move out of Victimland. We just won’t be able to fit into that particular neighborhood any longer. We probably (no, definitely) will at times find outselves visiting or longing for a visit to Victimland once in a while, but we won’t allow ourselves the experience of settling down there ever again.

The people that live in Victimland are champion complainers, whiners,blamers, and naggers. They can really take whining to a new level. In fact, some of them are so versed in the art of whining that if by chance they should start talking in their sleep no doubt it would be a complaint. Whenever I catch myself whining or complaining I remember that I don’t live in Victimland anymore, and that my behaviour is dragging me right back there.

Here’s the deal with being a Victim – you can’t be a creator and a victim in the same moment. You are either perceiving yourself as a victim, or you’re not. There is no grey area. You are either at cause, or at effect.

When we choose to stop playing the blame game, stop complaining, stop whining about everything, we elevate our energy automatically into a more anabolic energy level, and anabolic energy  is what makes Magic happen.

Step 2 can be boiled down to “Stop Complaining.”

But be easy on yourself about this, new habits take time to develop. And if you are hard on yourself it’s just another form of complaining and victimizing yourself. No need to beat yourself up over it.

Here’s a language shifting tip that will help to empower you as you begin to drop the complaining habit. Instead of saying, “this or that makes me feel xyz” just begin to say “I feel xyz”. It’s a powerful trick and works to elevate your energy even in situations where you legitimately have a very good reason to feel upset about something.

There is a big difference between saying “You make me feel bad”, and “I feel bad when this happens.” We can still experience a full spectrum of human emotions without playing the victim role.

You want to allow yourself to feel all of your emotions because they are all valuable, all miraculous, all tools to give you important information about yourself. And then, as far as whining and complaining go…just stop. Stop complaining about politics, religious views, mean people, poor service, bad weather, the economy,  etc.

When we choose to accept Radical Responsibility, there is nothing happening, NOTHING HAPPENING, that we can complain about, or worry over. NOTHING.

Can we take action? Of course. Constructive complaining is fine – when the waitress brings you something you did not order there is no directive here to just suck it up, instead go ahead and ask for what you want. And then let it go. No need to call everyone you know afterwards and relive the complaint over and over.  You are not a victim. You do not live in Victimland and you are not going for the 2015 Complainer of the Year Award.

Can we feel displeasure or pain or stress or fear – of course we will, we are human and all of our human emotions provide valid and important information for us. But to be a conscious creator of the highest magnitude, and to enter the Kingdom of Abundance, we have to be willing to perceive nothing else. We make that choice in the moment. We choose to look ahead, to focus on the glorious, wonderful, “why” that is out in front of us, and we expect to close the gap with ease and delight.

If we want to allow everything that Love (Heaven, God, the Universe, Source, the Divine, etc.) wants to bless us with we cannot look over our shoulder constantly complaining about the poverty, the lack, the loneliness, the bad news that is chasing us down.

One of my favorite authors and teachers, the late Florence Scovel Shinn, wrote that “You cannot enter the Kingdom of Abundance bemoaning your lot.”

You’ll never get rich by complaining about how poor you are (or how bad the economy is, or how few jobs there are available). You’ll never get your spouse to fulfill your idea of the perfect mate while you are complaining about every little thing he does. You’ll never develop vibrant health while complaining about how badly you are feeling. You MUST set your sight on the experience you desire and move towards it. Forget what you are moving away from, it doesn’t matter. You want to be so fully focused on the delight ahead of you that you completely forget what is behind you. You have to let go of those ideas that are not serving you.

To come to the place you are journeying towards you have to be willing to perceive nothing else.

Every big shift comes after a big letting go.

If we choose the viewpoint of being completely responsible for our life experience, then we’ve really got nothing to complain about anyway. Instead, next time you aren’t digging what life is handing you, use this affirmation. “I AM a powerful creator.”

If you can create all of this stuff in your life experience that you aren’t loving, you must also have the power to create a bunch of amazing stuff that you will love.

This one decision will completely shift your life experience.

Next time, Step 3. But for now:

  • Choose Radical Responsibility
  • Create an inspiring vision of what you want
  • Move out of Victimland
  • Stop complaining
  • Stop looking back

and remember… YOU are a powerful creator.

Love & Magic,


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