Do You Know These Magical Words?


“A person knowing the power of the word, becomes very careful of his conversation.”  Florence Scovel Shinn

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Magical Words”?

Words of love? Poetry? Prayers? Affirmations? Spells? Chanting? Sacred Writings? Love Letters? My blog? (kidding) Blessings? Songs? – All powerful words.  All-powerful words.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the magic and the power of words.  In fact the other night I dreamed all night that I had written an article titled “Magical Words”…so here we are.

Words, what would we do without them?! A friend of mine once told me a story about a silent retreat that he and his wife took. By lunch of the first day she was trying to spell a message to him with the carrot shreds in the salad. Words are such a necessary part of our daily life, we hardly know what to do when we can’t use them. And we use a lot of them. (especially me.)

Powerful words.We bless, we pray, we affirm, with words.

Many creation myths tell of the world being spoken into existence.

In the 15th century the “Sefer Raziel HaMalakh” (a Jewish text ‘The Book of Raziel the Angel’) presented a teaching about the power of speech.

The famous conjuring phrase of magicians the world over, “Abracadabra”, comes from the Aramaic “Avra” (I will create) “Cadabra” or Hebrew “Kedoobar” (as was spoken). Abracadabra – I will create as was spoken.

How careful we would become regarding our conversations if we really understood the power of our words…and  not just our conversations with others, but the conversation (usually an ongoing stream of words) that we have with our self, those 60,000 words per day that are our thoughts – the words we speak in our inner conversation.

We indeed create our experience with words.

Almost everyone I know can remember a time as a child where someone spoke something to them that has stayed with them to this day, years and years later.  Whether it was a word of hope, of encouragement, of blessing, or words of criticism, hatred, or shame.  Many times those words still have power years later. Power to create beliefs and stories and experiences.

The book of James in the Christian bible admonishes us, “Out of the same mouth proceeds both blessings and cursings, brethren these things ought not to be!”

Can we expect results from our own affirmations for our personal prosperity and wellness and yet continue to speak words of resentment or tell stories that foster our unforgiveness?

Resentment and unforgiveness will block you from being in the flow of abundance like nothing else can block you. Here’s the fix – Stop telling the story of how someone hurt you, forgive them and let it go.  They hurt you once, and by telling the story over and over and over you hurt yourself many times more. Your brain and nervous system and body experience those painful emotions every time you tell the story.

Forgiveness opens the door to abundance. Resentment nails that door shut.

By forgiving someone you aren’t agreeing with what they did.  You aren’t “letting them get away with something.” You’re just freeing yourself from the results of unforgiveness and you’re making the choice to heal.  Telling the story over and over keeps the wounds open.  Move on.  Recognize what you learned from the opportunity and apply it. And if you are having trouble, reach out and get help.  Get a coach, or a therapist, to help you move through it.

Believe that you can heal.  Believe that you can create abundance.  Believe in miracles.  Believe that everyone is doing the best they can at any given time.

We choose our beliefs.  Our beliefs inform our thoughts.  Our thoughts create our stories, and those stories are comprised of the words that create our experience.

Our words literally speak our life experience into existence. Our words are powerful…

And other people’s words only have whatever power we give them.

It’s our own words that have the power to change and direct (for better or worse) our own lives.

How many of us can catch ourselves being resentful that someone whom we think is undeserving of abundance is thriving?  (or maybe we just think they’re “lucky”)

How many of us use mantras (all the time!!) like “I can’t afford it”, or “nothing ever works out for me”, or “She’s so lucky!” or “I wish I could have that but it will never happen for me” or how about “all the good men (or women) are taken” – ALL powerful words that will create what we experience.

And if we keep speaking those words on a continual basis we continue to create poverty, lack, ill health, loneliness, “bad luck” and all manner of misery and suffering for ourselves.

Believe me, I’ve created some suffering of my own in my life, and I recognize now how I did it, and I take full responsibility for it, which  means that I’m not suffering now.

I do experience pain because life can be painful.  But suffering is another story.  As they say, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” Here is why it’s an important distinction to make…

Your suffering is never going to evolve into your bliss. Never.

The fastest way I know of to move from suffering to bliss is to change your language.  Change your words.

Stop using words like “have to”, “can’t”,  “should” and “need” for starters. (More about that here)

Now look, I’m NOT talking about being a Pollyanna and ignoring our uncomfortable feelings.  All of our feelings are miraculous, they’re all valid, and we need them ALL – they give us great information. And if we are smart we can take that information about how we are feeling and use it very wisely.  We can also choose the words we want to use and choose the stories we want to tell to create more pleasurable feelings and emotions.

I recognize that sometimes we think we don’t have enough (usually about money) so another trick I love is to

1. STOP saying there is not enough (If you are still here and still alive then somehow there has been enough!) and

2. Actively and consciously recognize that there is usually WAY more than enough. I need a tea bag to make a cup of tea and I have about a hundred of them in the drawer – more than enough.  I need about a teaspoon of shampoo to wash my hair, and I have almost a whole bottle, WAY more than enough.

Do you see where I’m going with this?  All the times you want to say “I don’t have enough (usually about money), realize that in most areas, right this minute, you have MORE than enough.

Everytime you have more than you need, be aware of how abundant you actually are! (Bonus points for actually saying it out loud! Powerful words! “I HAVE WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH!!”)

We all have bad days, we all have shitty experiences, but we don’t have to suffer endlessly over them.

One of my favorite ways to “reframe” and shift my perspective during one of “those times” is to say this: “This experience [fill in the blank with actual thingie that sucks] SUCKS, and it’s also giving me the opportunity to [fill in blank – be creative – look at the bright side – SEE the opportunity.]

Like this: “Spilling all of these coffee grounds on the floor sucks, and it’s also giving me the opportunity to get the floor a lot cleaner than it was a few minutes ago.”  In fact, I ACTUALLY said that because it ACTUALLY happened.  I dropped the full coffee filter full of used coffee grounds on the floor, and you know what, it sucked.  I was pissed.  I was in a hurry.  AND I used those exact words. “This sucks AND it’s giving me the opportunity to have a much cleaner floor.” Then I burst out laughing. Then I cleaned up the coffee grounds, mopped the floor…and only 10 minutes had passed and yes, I absolutely had a cleaner floor than I did before I dropped the coffee filter. (Because I hate mopping so it really was time to mop. LOL.)

In time and with enough practice maybe I’ll be able to skip the sucky part altogether and jump right to the opportunity part.

Having a crappy experience might give you a much bigger opportunity than a clean floor.

It might give you the opportunity to forgive, to be patient, to heal, to love (even maybe to love someone who seems really unlovable), and to make magic.

Words are magical and powerful. What words are you using to create your life experience?

Love & Magic,


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22 Responses to Do You Know These Magical Words?

  1. I agree with you about the power of our words and the words we say to ourselves every day. I also agree with you about the power of forgiveness. This has been the most powerful thing for me: “Believe that everyone is doing the best they can at any given time.” That’s how I choose to view things in my life and I live a lifestyle of forgiveness. I agree, too, that all our emotions are real and valid and I think we need to have a balance of feeling what we need to feel and then moving on . . . and choosing the positive. I’m working on that . . . it’s easy to get focused on the shit in some situations . . . or move too quickly past the emotion so you can focus on the positive.

  2. Thanks for a powerful article! I agree with you about the power of the word – it’s truly what creates our inner and outer experience. Forgiveness is such an important part with this process because when we start to realize that is it our use of words that is creating what we experience… sometimes we can beat up on ourselves instead of acknowledging “that was then and this is now and I can choose differently”

  3. Kama says:

    It all starts with a thought doesn’t it. I decided a few years ago to treat my thoughts as though they are words flowing from my mouth. This has made a huge difference to the way I view words and has improved my self talk. As you say words are powerful and magical.

  4. Words truly are powerful and magickal! I have made it a conscious practice for about a year now to stop using the word “enough” and I have replaced it with PLENTY! OMG the difference that has made just in my thought processes!

    I’m noticing a LOT lately — maybe just being more receptive or more aware — that what other people say, whether it’s intentional or unintentional, has had a huge impact on whether I choose to work with them or not and whether I will support in sharing what they offer to others. I think so many of us lose sight of just how powerful our words can be whether spoken or written. And sometimes they inadvertently reveal our inner thoughts and truths.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. thanks so much Cindie – I have always loved playing with words. I appreciate the permission you gave to stop seeing suffering as a pre-requisite for enlightenment. I truly agree that forgiveness is necessary for abundance to flow in. In my case, forgiving myself has also been part of my abundance path. I notice the flow pick up as soon as forgiveness rules. Namaste and gratitude, Lisa

  6. Cassandra says:

    I’ve always been a huge believer in the power of words, written and spoken. Especially speaking in the direction you want to go instead of using words to describe where we are (I’m broke, I’ll never find a job, etc). You’ve hit on some great points here and high five for taking those dreams you’ve been having and turning them into reality. So many people need to know this!

  7. Rachel says:

    I love this post Cindie. Thanks for sharing! I’ve become so aware of my words and how they impact my inner feelings, and therefore outer actions. It’s so important for us all to be aware of what we’re saying, not only about ourselves and others, but about what we believe about life. Our words can point us to our deepest beliefs and once we become aware of them – we can shift them into the positive!! Thanks again for the reminder!

    Rachel X

  8. As a writer, I totally agree about the power of words – and I think that if we were more conscious of their strength, we’d be a lot more careful about how we use them.

    As for magical words, some of the most magical I know are “I’m sorry”, “I love you” and simply “I am xxxxx” 🙂



  9. What a powerful message. Not only our spoken words but the words we think. I love that. As well, we give power to the words of others. It is our choice. Since we’re all just mirrors to each other, the power we give is just a reflection of our own required healing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words : )

  10. Diane says:

    Thank you Cindie! Words are so powerful and you have shown us how they can truly affect our life!

  11. Words not only shift our sense of well-being but they can imprint a child for life. I chose to believe the doctors after a brain injury and for many years I could not function. Then I woke up one morning and remembered the words of my grandfather, “YOU CAN be anything in this life you want as long as you believe in yourself.” He was the kindest and most loving man I ever met and I know he never lied to anyone. That was the morning I stopped believing all the specialists and set out to recover the life I knew was mine for the taking.

  12. Wow! This is really powerful, thanks for taking time to write your magical words. The energy we put in words is the energy we get!

  13. This was a great article. Yes, I truly believe what you say about words. The power of life and death is in our words. We need to be careful of them and chose wisely. Our words are indeed very magical.

  14. Words carry amazing power; they are the doorway to manifestation. What we speak and think is what we create. It is wonderful to see you share your wisdom with us here.

    Blessings, Karen
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  15. As you say, our words are so very powerful. Affirmations and focusing on my goal are what got me out of a funk many years ago. But we also have to be aware of the words we use everyday. Actively and consciously reframing them, as you did when you spilled the coffee grounds, is incredibly powerful and opens the door to all sorts of better things.

    Linda-Ann Stewart
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    “Keys to Recreating Your Life: Shatter Your Barriers to Success and Abundance”

  16. Minette says:

    Great post on the power of words to transform our lives – for the better and the worse. I am reminded to do a better job daily of paying attention to my language, especially as it relates to how I talk to myself!
    Minette Riordan, Ph.D.

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  17. Lisa Meisels says:

    I really enjoyed your post. Especially one of the last lines “Having a crappy experience might give you a much bigger opportunity than a clean floor.” Soooo true! Our thoughts and our words create our life! Thank you for providing some history as well.
    Lisa Meisels, RDN, CHLC

  18. roxy says:

    Hi Cindie Darling – anything with the word ‘magical’ in it always gets my attention 🙂 I love all things magical and i so believe in the power of words and loved you post! The thing is like law of attraction – once you become aware of how it works – you start getting paranoid of every negative thought that comes to mind 🙂 and likewise – once you know, that the way you use your words and the energy behind them – you get very careful in what you say! 🙂 Gosh i’m a talker but since twigging on to the ‘power of words” i try to choose my words carefully, but we are all human after all and slip ups do happen 🙂

  19. roxy says:

    Hi Cindie Darling – anything with the word ‘magical’ in it always gets my attention 🙂 I love all things magical and i so believe in the power of words and loved you post! The thing is like law of attraction – once you become aware of how it works – you start getting paranoid of every negative thought that comes to mind 🙂 and likewise – once you know, that the way you use your words and the energy behind them – you get very careful in what you say! 🙂 Gosh i’m a talker but since twigging on to the ‘power of words” i try to choose my words carefully, but we are all human after all and slip ups do happen 🙂

  20. Lovely article! I really enjoyed your insights and the quote “A person knowing the power of the word, becomes very careful of his conversation.” Florence Scovel Shinn
    Dr. Jennifer L. Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE
    Preventive, Lifestyle & Environmental Health Physician,
    The Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Method
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  21. Hello Cindie,

    Ah yes, the power of words we use with others and on ourselves. We can make a conscious choice on how which words to chose to manifest reality.

    Here is a link to my blog. I will be promoting this blog with the book release in the next couple of weeks.

    You may opt in for my newsletter for a free report and to be informed about how our environment is impacting businesses, consumer spending, and your improved well-being and increased realized wealth.

  22. Ruzica says:

    Love the word ‘magic’! Probably because I truly believe that you can create the life of your dreams once you are aware of how your unspoken words as well as those you speak out shape your world. Great post!

    Ruzica Kozul
    LOA Life Coach

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    “Get the Unshakable Happiness You Want & Deserve”

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