Do you want more respect?

This week I spoke to a woman who told me that the thing she wanted most in a relationship was respect.

She described a lot of behavior and interaction that she had experienced and categorized it as disrespect. I got that. She’d had enough, okay? Boundaries around this type of behavior must be established. She decided that she would no longer tolerate disrespect within her relationships.

This is exactly what leads us to create boundaries.  We create strong boundaries to KEEP OUT what we don’t want.

The thing is, we have to be OPEN to let in what we do want.  She wanted a relationship that contained respect.

So, maybe, like this woman, you have determined what you WON’T accept or allow, and you’ve made strong boundaries around these things, and you are an absolute expert at seeing these unwanted behaviors right away. You have learned to identify them and say “no” to them.

Now is the time to go a step further and let that knowledge of what you don’t want help you to determine what you DO want.  And then, become an expert at identifying THAT behavior.

In her case, she is now determined to become an expert at seeing respect.  Knowing what it looks like, what actions show it, what words denote it.

Whatever you put your focus on is what you’ll see come into your experience.

Respect is one of the 7 ingredients to great chemistry.  If you don’t know all 7 of them you can get my free audio class here.

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  1. Amy says:

    YOU Are my hero, I hope you know that.

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