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“Healing for a Broken Heart”

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Are you ready to heal your broken heart, clear yourself from the emotions of a past relationship, be free of the frustrating “broken record” thoughts that keep going around and around in your head, causing you to lose sleep at night and the ability to focus in the daytime?

In this FREE eBook I’m going to let you in on some practical tips and workable wisdom that will help you take action to mend your broken heart and be free of the emotional pain of that past relationship.

In this FREE eBook you’ll discover

  • Why heartbreak hurts so much

  • Why you might not need what you think you need
  • Loads of practical things you can do TODAY to speed the healing process
  • How you will know you are ready for a new relationship

And MUCH more

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12 Responses to Free Stuff

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  2. Marie-Pierre Lucas says:

    Thank you Cindie for sharing so openly what you have found is the healthiest foundation of a successful relationship. Your free gifts are very appreciated. Sincerely, Marie

  3. Ax says:

    This is really useful. A meditation for the fast-paced, high-speed era: The other day, I was losing a tough game against a tough opponent. It was a trying time for me. At halftime, I decided to use your meditation. Before halftime was even over I felt instantly relieved. I came back in the second half, cool and collected, and ended up winning the match. Fantastic!

  4. admin says:

    Thank you, Marie. I appreciate your kind words and wish you much Love & Magic. 🙂

  5. Evren says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!! :))

    Magically & musically yours,

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  8. Lee says:

    I popped over here from the circle group. I love this cover! Great work!

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  11. Jeri says:

    Thank you for this!! Much appreciated

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