Fun on the Agenda

Are we having fun yet?  I’ve heard this question asked sarcastically during events that were anything but fun.

Today I want to ask it seriously, and honestly.

We are 11 days into 2011.  Time flies when we’re ….uh…really busy.

And when we are having FUN.

This morning as I was working out my super busy schedule for the next 60 days I reminded myself how important, yes, even NECESSARY it is to actually schedule in some fun time.   For me, this means planning a dinner party, scheduling in some movie dates, blocking off a half day every week to make some art or play some music, dancing every single day, and putting a few fun phone calls on the calendar.   In my experience, the busier we get the less fun we make time for.  It’s the one thing we put off because we are “too busy”.

By putting fun on the calendar I am giving equal importance to the fun stuff.  Having fun is a necessary part of a healthy life.

When was the last time you laughed really hard with someone you love?  It is magical!

And…laughter reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, boosts immune function, and improves memory.

We’re 11 days into 2011.  Are you having fun yet?

Post your comments and let me know what you are doing to have fun THIS WEEK!!

Love & Magic (& FUN!!),


Photo Credit: Shelley Massengale

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