Tell Me A Story

Do you know any storytellers? I mean, people who are very gifted at telling a story? Most of us really love a good story.

Did you know that we all tell a lot of stories?

Every day, all the time, we tell stories about who we are. These stories we tell about ourselves are powerful whether we realize it or not, because the way the Universe works is that we tell a story over and over and then we create a world that makes it the truth.

We will ALWAYS attract proof.

So I am curious about the stories you are telling about yourself.

Have you ever heard someone say something like, “It’s just my luck….” (in reference to something going wrong of course.) They are telling you a story about themselves. They have bad luck. And their world will prove it.

I often hear people say things like, “I’m a survivor.”

First, If you define yourself a survivor, I want to congratulate you on surviving. Perhaps you went through something that was hard; something that others have not survived (like cancer, or bankruptcy, or divorce). And knowing that you were able to pull yourself up out of that situation is very powerful! Good for you!!

Secondly, I want to challenge you to define yourself in another way. Why? Because if you define yourself “a survivor” you leave the Universe no other choice than to give you experiences to survive on a continual basis. I mean, that’s your story, right?

Do you describe yourself as “single”?  How does it feel to instead describe yourself as “available”?  Do you see how the word “single” denotes separateness?

Do you tell a story over and over that sounds like “I just can’t find the right man/woman to be my partner.”  Do you realize that the more you tell that story the more often it will be true in your experience?

If you picked up a DVD case, and it was a movie of your current life, what would the paragraph describing the movie say?

You are the only one that can write that story. Write something that you will be happy with.


Love & Magic,





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