Ten Thoughts to Take into 2011

Here are a few thoughts to take you into 2011.  Find one or two that will serve you well, and then leave me a comment below!

1.  Staying curious raises your level of consciousness.

2.  Success depends on your willingness to take imperfect action.

3.  You can make your own luck.

4.  Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

5.  You get what you tolerate.

6. Doing is work, Being is effortless.

7.  You’ll never get what you want until you’re clear about what you want.

8.  We are the composite of the 5 people we spend the most time with.

9. Magical moments are happening continually, but we have to be open and willing to see them.

10. Love is the answer.

Happy New Year from Songbird Coaching!!

Here’s to a Year filled with Love & Magic,


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4 Responses to Ten Thoughts to Take into 2011

  1. Aida Lisan says:

    #8 is one that I’ll definitely have to think about. Very interesting.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for reading, Aida, yes it is very important to choose who we spend most of our time with!! Happy New Year!! Wishing you all the best in 2011.

  2. Missy H. says:

    #2 is powerful, and I like #4 too. We won’t find success if we aren’t willing to try, even if it isn’t perfect. That is so true. As for the suffering concept, my sister in law who is in a wheelchair with an ataxia disease told me the other day that she realized that her body is broken on the outside where people can see it but so many more people are broken on the inside where you cannot see it. She said she felt blessed to be where she was, and it is that kind of attitude that keeps her from suffering, even though her body is in pain. She is a beautiful person and an inspiration.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for reading, Missy. Your sister-in-law sounds like a living example of that idea, very inspiring!
      Wishing you much success in 2011! Happy New Year. 🙂

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