The Good Stuff

chalkboardWhat is good in your life, right now? Have you given much thought to that today?  Did you get a good night of sleep?  Have a good dream?  Or maybe just waking up relatively pain free is a good day for you right now.

Recently in our household we have started a habit of taking note of anything “good” that comes our way.  We have actually placed a dry-erase board in our kitchen and every day we make notations on it of anything and everything that feels good.

Some of the things that have gotten recorded on our white board lately have been anything from “great coffee”, “sunshine”, “new client”, “Friday off”, “lunch with friends”, and of course, “Yuki” (our little dog who makes it on the “good stuff” list pretty often just by reason of her delightful way of being.)

Last week I ordered a used book online, when it arrived yesterday I saw that it was not only in “like new” condition, but it was a signed copy!  So that got recorded on the white board yesterday, along with a phone call from a friend, a great deal I got on the brisket we will be barbecuing this weekend, and a terrific session with a client.

Some days get busy and the board stays relatively empty.  Other days it seems like we are continually jotting little notes on the board.  The thing that I have noticed after several weeks of practicing this new “habit” is that the days the board is full, the energy in the house is very optimistic.

We know from quantum physics that everything is energy.  Energy follows attention and the more attention we give the “good stuff”, the more “good stuff” seems to show up.  There is a system in our brains called the Reticular Activating System (RAS), and this system filters out information we do not deem important and finely focuses on information we do need.  While you are sleeping you may not even hear familiar sounds like the wind, or traffic, but you may be immediately roused from sleep by an unusual sound like someone knocking on your window.  It is the same system that causes you to notice every single car on the road that is the same model as the car you just bought, even though you may  have never noticed them before! Suddenly they are everywhere!  When we  start focusing on the good things that are in our path, small and large, we also begin to actually look for the good stuff on a continual basis and that tends to activate our RAS and in turn the good stuff is that much easier to find!

I encourage you to look for the good stuff in your life, and take note of it, and let me know how this affects your energy level, and your life experience.

Love & Magic,


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