The Power of the Naked Truth

When was the last time you felt angry? …jealous? …disappointed?

I ask because those are some of the feelings that we all dislike, and many times we don’t even like to even admit (to ourselves) that we are experiencing such uncomfortable feelings, let alone communicate them to those involved.

This week I felt very disappointed.  I received an email asking me what I thought about the final product of a project to which I had contributed.  I really struggled with the reply.  I believed that my contribution was high quality, but felt that the final product was not.  I honestly didn’t know how to reply.  I started to just reply that, “yes I saw the final product and it looked great!”…But that wasn’t the truth.  I was very disappointed with the final product, as well as with the whole experience.

My Sweetheart and I were discussing it and he asked me, “Why don’t you just say that?  Say that you are disappointed?”

My entire life and practice revolves around authenticity, emotions, feelings…vulnerability, and yet I struggled with the idea of just saying it.  Why? Because sometimes it just seems like it would be easier to “be nice”.  But in the long run it isn’t.  Because it isn’t real.

This week I’ve had clients come to me that were angry, jealous, disappointed, hurt, and even though they readily admitted those emotions to me, they all had misgivings about communicating them to others.

I understand! It was a struggle for me to choose being open about my feelings instead of just glossing it over.

It is not always easy to be vulnerable.  And the truth is, when we are open, honest, vulnerable, is when we are the most powerful.

I read an article once that mentioned how Celtic Warriors would go into battle naked as a strategic advantage against their opponents, and although I don’t recommend throwing off your clothes at the first sign of being upset (although who knows, in certain instances it might be a worthwhile strategy <wink>), the “nakedness” of being open about your feelings is extremely powerful.

I did send the reply.  I was open about how I felt.  I was objective about how my expectations were not met, I did not point fingers or blame anyone for my experience, I was honest and said I was truly disappointed.  I related that it was an important learning opportunity for me and that I was grateful for that part.

The disappointing short response that I received to my reply didn’t matter.  I felt relieved, I felt authentic, I felt empowered, and I felt every bit of resistance attached to the conversation melt away because I told the truth about my own experience.

Learning how to identify your feelings and emotions, and to communicate them authentically is one of the keys to creating more Love & Magic in your life.

You are a powerful being and your feelings are a miracle.  Acknowledge them, embrace them, trust them.

Love & Magic,




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