The Power of Words

For the past 4 weeks I’ve been teaching a class I call the “Relationship Rescue Blueprint”.

Many of the students participating have emailed me to let me know that they are really learning a lot and experiencing shifts in their lives.

Once again, hearing this reminded me that those big shifts in energy often come as a result of small shifts in language.

So, I thought I would repost a couple of my favorite articles from earlier in the year.

Empowering Language Part I

Empowering Language Part II

These two posts are full of tools you can use to modify your everyday language and shift your energy into the anabolic range.  Remember:  anabolic energy feels good and relieves stress.

In the meantime, my assistant and I are busy creating a new website, new video blog posts, new programs, and a new E-Book.

Stay tuned!  And let me know how these shifts in language affect your life!

Here’s to being empowered,


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