What you want, wants you.

Recently a close friend of mine hung a sign on her closet door.  The sign is an antique car sign that says “Tourist”.

She said to me, “It’s hanging on the closet door hinges to remind me of Grandpa who left Iowa for Pomona and a warmer and better life. He purchased a car named Tourist and traveled to Iowa via New Orleans and returned via Montauk Point. I’ve always believed I was born with wheels on.  Certainly they were a part of my childhood travels with my parents.  My heritage: we keep going.”

This friend of mine loves to travel, in fact she becomes very energetic and passionate and alive just talking about traveling.

She has traveled to many places in her life and she desires to travel to many more.  The recent years have not offered many travel opportunities for her but there is something I believe and I see it so clearly here….and it this: the things we so strongly desire are there, somewhere, waiting for us, desiring us, and drawing us in.

Something I firmly believe: “What you want, wants you.” And isn’t this just a perfect example of that very thing?  We don’t just desire things for no reason.  I believe the desire is the confirmation, the signpost of what is true and real for us.

Recently I came across The Sketchbook Project.  It could have been a coincidence, except that I don’t generally believe in them.

I could not stop thinking about it.  For a solid week after learning about it, it was constantly on my mind.  (My early background was in graphic design, and I think I was born with a colored pencil in my hand.)  My inner self tried to object….”This is going to take a lot of time, you might not finish it, you already have a lot going on, you’re in a brand new relationship and this will take up time you could be spending together, <insert any other lame objection you can think of here.>

But then I realized that I was still thinking about it. A LOT.

So I took the plunge (and I might even share some of my work here if I hear from some of you about wanting to see it!)

Like my friend and her desire to travel, like my desire to create art and music, I know that you too have desires.

Dreams.  Longings.  And I believe they are there because they want to be fulfilled.  They might seem really big, like traveling to India.  They might be smaller, like creating a sketchbook.  But whatever they are, they are CALLING YOU!!

Take them out.  Dust them off.  Hang a sign on your closet door to remind you of them if you must.  Know that intentions are powerful and that you feel drawn towards that certain thing because that certain thing is drawing you…that opportunity, that situation, that position, that acheivement, and that place.

Open up to it and know that this is the year you will begin to move closer to fulfilling all of your desires. And I can’t wait to hear about them when you do!

Love & Magic,


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4 Responses to What you want, wants you.

  1. terri beaucoudray says:

    Really enjoyed this article and I am going to get my sign up right away.

  2. Kat says:

    I’d love to see your stuff Cindie! Do share ;D

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